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Medium roast just like in Italy, this coffee will leave your taste buds wanting more! It's a coffee blend coming from various countries around the world and it’s mixture creates a perfectly smooth and creamy coffee with slightly caramelized and tangy tasting notes. Tesoro Di Crema will leave you wanting some more!
Its authentic and robust taste combined with its soft and creamy texture make Intenso a vintage espresso.
Jambo is the ideal organic coffee for an espresso, it is a medium roast and is slightly acidic. This hybrid coffee, with powerful and exquisite flavors, produced in the lush and bushy hills ensures a total change of scenery!
The Kasaï is an organic blend designed to provide a soft and tasty drip coffee. Lighter than Molango, Kasaï was made from coffees selected for the value of their aromas. We perceive sensual and typical notes of the grains ripened under the tropical sun. The play of flavors is subtly revealed by an inventive and delicate roasting.
Coffee of great reputation. With a charming and delicate aroma, its spell on the palate is lively and fresh, it carries towards a medium clean compassionate taste.
An exceptionally smooth coffee with a taste that will surprise you! Its finish is delicately fruity with a hint of chocolate.
The noble and bold scent is the first emotion raised by the subtle and coherent mixture of the beans of this coffee. Cultivated in the secluded mountains of the Southern Hemisphere, this exceptional coffee is full of incomparable flavors and aromas! This medium roast blend contains an intensity of ⅘, making it the strongest in our organic coffee category. Also, Molango coffee is our most popular in our organic ranges!
A pleasing explosion of flavors that celebrate a blend of beans harvested under the leafy Amazon and Indonesia canopies. A delight to the palate.
This medium roast, reminiscent of the popular coffees of Northern Italy, offers a slightly nutty flavour.
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